Immerse – group exhibition for MIX Artists Inc. 2023

Study – pen and Ink

I have spent time researching areas of interest such as hydro acoustics, water quality and human relationships with the ocean. I gathered resources online, which there is no shortage of, and thought about my lived experience recreating in the ocean as a member of the surf club.

I have made the decision to focus on communication as the main concept for my work. This area was identified in the early discussions as the missing link by the scientific community, as it was felt to have failed to explain scientific information in a way that truly engaged. Valuable information and awareness about climate change is available, do we care?

Accessibility in the artform would allow for engagement on many levels. I decided on using a graphic novel approach after seeing the Cleverman exhibition, where fantasy and realism come together to tell a story. Using this medium, I can explore the scientific concepts I researched in a “fluid” way.

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