gARmenT 2022 “Articles for Armistice” Model Mr Collyn Gawned Image: Nic Duncan
Karen Community Mural for Hon. Alannah MacTiernan and Rebecca Stephens- Albany 2022
Team: Albany Karen Community, Renee Tan, Chad Marwick, Claire Hanson & Nat Rad
“Nightfall Kalbarri” 51cm W x 51cm H Oil on linen $650.00 2022
“Buoyant” MIX Artists Inc group exhibition Reservoir 2018  
Water collected from six individual rowing sessions, 20th August – 19th Nov 2017 in the King George Sound, oil paint on canvas paper, marine ply, Fowlers Varcola jars, audio and lighting
“Coda” 39cm W x 70cm H Oil on canvas $825.00
Great Southern Art Award entry 2021
“Absence & Presence” 30cm W x 40cm H Oil on canvas – SOLD
Selected for The Jury Prize 2021
“Rear Vision” Installation – fabric and lighting, Barracks Building, Princess Royal Fortress 2019
“Fall” Installation – papercuts on concrete stairway Albany Entertainment Centre 2020
“Waterlines II” 40cm x 40cm Oil on canvas board $275.00 – SOLD 2017
“Stand” MIX Artists Inc group exhibition – Mix It Up Wool needle punch 2021
“Stand” exhibition view 2021
“Absence & Presence” drawings of the void 2021
“Subdual” 31cm W x 41cm H x 4.5cm deep Oil on linen $450
Selected for The Jury Prize 2022
“Hakea Memories” 100cm W x 70cm H Oil on canvas $400.00 2011
“Feel” Group exhibition – Illuminate 2017
“Balance” Design for Community Service Organisation’s Millennium Tile Project 2000