Lets get Visible!

So an opportunity came about to design/ make “stuff” to show in the Albany Advertiser window, York Street Albany. Not just any old thing would do because this is for Albany Pride!

With the theme in mind of “Lets get visible”, the venue and drawing on the resources I have, the project started with nothing but eyes and newspaper and somehow quickly developed from there.

Thank you Albany Pride, the Albany Advertiser and the lovely friends that loaned things for me to play with and have fun!!

Karen Mural Project

“From early 2022, the concept for a lively urban community arts project developed, with local artists Nat Rad and Renee Tan working with Karen community members to develop an artwork suitable for a mural. It proved to be a successful grassroots project, with Renee and Nat holding workshops for the development of the mural concept, and mural artist, Chad Marwick, translating the design into a painting for the wall, which will soon be launched at 348 Middleton Loop as part of this year’s Art and Craft Trail.” Southerly Magarzine Septmeber 2022

This has been an exciting and rewarding project!

Check out the completed mural in Middleton Loop, featured in the Southern Art & Craft Trail 2022

Thank you



Articles for Armistice

gARmenT 2022

Fabric, grease proof paper, rechargeable lights, windfall dried leaves and seeds.

“I have imagined a garment for a human who is connected and exposed to nature. A human who wears clothing that shows the real fragile nature of the body rather than armour. The transparency of grease proof paper has been pruposely used to show that skin is the fragile protector of the internal body. The heart light is visible beating through the chest, front and back as Collyn walks to an orginal soundscape, made up of recordings around Albany.” Nat Rad 2022

Model Mr Collyn Gawned Image: Nic Duncan

now showing – the Jury prize 2022

“The Junction Co. and Courthouse Gallery+Studio are excited to present The Jury Art Prize 2022 finalists. The curated art prize exhibition showcases 50 artworks from artists working across regional Western Australia, culminating in an exciting show of unique perspectives.”

My selected work “Subdual”, oil on linen is the second work exploring a site on Mount Clarence Albany.

Have a look at the other selected works.