Art Lease Project – 10 Collections!

Congratulations Marshall Family Law for taking the opportunity to join the project.

Since the first collection of four artworks went into the office in 2020, the Marshall Family Law staff have been enthusiastic supporters.

Collection ten marks a moment to salute this effort and the forty artworks that have graced their walls.

Huge effort and thank you!

No matter how big or small the business venue, The Art Lease Project has interesting artworks to make work better.

Here is just one from each collection……..

From collection one – Terri Pikora’s “Walking in Shadows”
From collection two Conway Briton’s “Stirling Range (Bull-rushes)”
From collection three Justin Gamblin’s “Eleven Fish”
From collection four Carol Duncan’s “Parked”
From collection five Marion Nelson’s “Brilliant Sunrise”
From collection six my work “Casting Light – Rocks”
From collection seven John Manson’s “York Street”
From collection eight Georgina Steytler’s “Stilted Reflections”
From collection nine Judi Rose’s “Skinny Dip”
From collection ten Cynthia Orr’s “Roses”

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