Art Lease Project – Artwork changeover

We say goodbye and thank you to artists and their works of the last collection…..Hello new artworks!

I will feature a couple works a week here for you to explore more. Sales enquiries welcome.

Thank you to the venues Great Southern Specialist Centre, Marshall Family Law and the office of Rebecca Stephens and the Hon. Alannah MacTiernan for your continued support of the project.

The Art Lease Project has been operating since 2018. The projects objective is to facilitate an artwork loan arrangement between Great Southern Artists and business venues, coordinated by Nat Rad.

The local business lease the artworks from the artist for the duration of the display time with the ownership remaining with the artist. Artworks are available for sale with the purchaser paying the artist direct and providing 20% sales commission to a charity chosen by the leasing business.

The purchaser agrees to take ownership of the artwork/s purchased when the loan agreement ends.

Nat Rad manages the program through sourcing, installing and return of artworks, assisting with promotion and acting as the go between for sales to ensure all parties understand the transaction process and receive professional service.

Images: example of works in this collection (from left to right) Cynthia Orr’s “Keep it Simple” $495, Annie Johnson’s “Sea Life No.1” $795 and Marion Nelson’s “Enchanted Forest” $250

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